Indication of Sources

Dear visitors!
I do understand that the content of this website is not my literary property. I am less the creator of literary text but more a creator of some kind of a data bank for niche perfume shopping. That's what in theory everyone can do. I'm searching for news about new stores, that in theory, everyone can do.

However, I am not really happy to discover the results of my work at other websites, with no indication of source. And often enough I DO see that the news/compilation come from my website. Often enough I AM able to recognize the structure of my created compilation or some time correlations concerning the publishing of the content at YPG.

I am more than happy that you share the data with others. You're more than welcome to copy and to share this information on your non-commercial blog/website. You're more than welcome to share the news and information from this site on your websites about the perfume shopping. That's what this blog was made for.
You don't need my written permission to publish my created and updated data bank.

However I kindly ask you to provide your copied text/compilation with an active link to Your Perfume Guide.

I don't make a secret of the fact that often enough I adopt news about new brands and shops from other pages. However, I ALWAYS quote the source where the data was found, no matter whether there're giants like Basenotes or smaller sources like munumu.

I kindly ask you to do the same. Please respect my work for this website.

Thank you in advance!