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My name is Daria, and I am a blogger and translator currently based in Germany. My interest and love for perfumes began more than 10 years ago; that was also the time when my first (Russian-speaking) blog went online. All these years I have explored this wonderful world of perfumery. And this journey still continues, since the world of fragrances gets bigger and more fascinating with every day I learn more.

My biggest interest is devoted to niche perfumery. I´m just fascinated by the incredible diversity displayed by the world of niche. Being loyal to my old favorites, still, I´m always open to new brands and perspectives.

My most immense love and respect refer to Frederic Malle, Francesca dell´Oro, Sammarco, Angela Campagna, Parfumerie Generale, and Atelier des Ors.

Being born and raised up in Russia, I feel more comfortable in the Russian language when it comes to analyzing and reviewing different fragrances.

Thereupon feel free to explore my perfume reviews on the Russian-speaking version of this blog.

You can also join me on my Instagram, where all of my perfume reviews are published first. Additionally, I report about different events I´ve been taking part on, etc.

In turn, the English version of Your Perfume Guide is all about the data.

=>It helps you to arrange your trips and travels when it comes to perfume shopping in different places all over the world. This website includes more than 200 cities/regions with an excessive list of brand stores and perfumeries (latter most with the list of the brands sold at a particular store) Every section is provided with Google map.

=>It helps you to search for a fragrance by specified dominating note, which makes it easier to select a perfume according to someone´s preference.

Daria Syumko


This blog/data bank has moved from Blogspot by the end of June 2016.

The statistics include the data both from Russian and English´ versions.

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