Note: for polish-speaking readers: there's a great polish perfume blog, particulary about perfumeries in Poland; please check it out at Nie Muzyczna Pięciolinia - magazyn o perfumach.


Perfumeria Quality
  • Ul. Jana Kędzierskiego 3B
  • Aleje Jerozolimskie 65/79 (LIM Galleria – Hotel Marriott)
  • Ul. Okopowa 58/72 (mall KLIF)

    Brands: that's what brands' websites list:
    at Marriott: at least Atelier des Ors, Amouage, Atelier Cologne, By Kilian, Creed, Carner, Grossmith London, Gabriella Chieffo, Houbigant, Jean Charles Brosseau, Les Parfums de Rosine, Lubin, Lorenzo Villoresi, Montale, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Olfactive Studio, Parfums Micallef, Puredistance, Roja Dove, Serge Lutens, The Laundress, Xerjoff.

    At Kedzierskiego: at least Atelier des Ors, Amouage, Annick Goutal, Atelier Cologne, Clive Christian, Carner, Creed, E.Coudray, Gabriella Chieffo, Grossmith London, Houbigant, Histoires de Parfums, Jean Charles Brosseau, Les Parfums de Rosine, Lubin, Lorenzo Villoresi, Montale, Majda Bekkali, Olfactive Studio, Parfum d'Empire, Parfums MDCI, Puredistance, Penhaligon's, Parfums Micallef, Profumum, Roja Dove, The Laundress, Xerjoff.

    At KLIF: at least Atelier Cologne, Atelier des Ors, Atelier Cologne, Amouage, biehl.parfumkunstwerke, By Kilian, Carner, Creed, Grossmith London, Gabriella Chieffo, Jean Charles Brosseau, Lubin, Maria Lux, Montale, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Olfactive Studio, Puredistance, Parfums Micallef, Roja Dove, SoOud, The Laundress, Xerjoff.

    Additionally these brands are listed by the homepage of the store: 777 Stephane Humbert Lucas, Amouroud, Boadicea the Victorious, Bond No. 9, Carthusia, Eight&Bob, Etro, Ex Idolo, Franck Boclet, Honore des Pres, Huitieme Art Parfums, Historiae, Isabey, Il Profvmo, Jacques Fath, Jeroboam, Jovoy, Keiko Mecheri, Le Galion, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Mancera, Memo, Menard, Neela Vermeire Creations, Nabucco, Nasomatto, Olivier Durbano, Perris Monte Carlo, Royal Crown, Rance, Sospiro.
    The list is common to both stores. For sure is, the brands from one store' list can be stocked in another store as well.

  • ul.Mokotowska 26
  • Mokotowska 63

    Brands: Andy Tauer Parfums, Aedes, Aether, Aesop, AFFINESSENCE, A Lab on Fire, Altaia, Anja Rubik, Andrea Maack, Aromatherapy Associates, Arquiste, Byredo, BEAUFORT, Cire Trudon, Claus Porto, Diana Vreeland, Divine, Diptyque, Evody, Escentric Molecules, Eau d'Italie, Frederic Malle, Fueguia 1833, Floris, Hors la Monde, Heeley, Indult, Laboratorio Olfattivo, L'Artisan, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, MALIN+GOETZ, Maria Candida Gentile, Miller et Bertaux, Miller Harris*, Mendittorosa, Mona di Orio, Nomenclature, Odin, Oliver&Co, Parfums DelRae, Parfumerie Generale, Penhaligon's, Phaedon, Robert Piguet, Santa Maria Novella, Serge Lutens, Six Scents, The Different Company, Une Nuit A Bali, Yosh.
    The list is common to all stores.

    According to the homepages of particular brands, the branch at Mokotkowska 26 has Arquiste, A Lab on Fire, Andy Tauer, Byredo, Cire Trudon, Diptyque, Diana Vreeland, Evody, Fueguia, Malle, Floris, Hors la Monde, Heeley, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Mona di Orio, Maria Candida Gentile, Odin, Oliver&Co, Penhaligon's, Parfumerie Generale, Parfums DelRae, Phaedon, Serge Lutens, Santa Maria Novella, The Different Company, UZ Usac.

    The store at Mokotowska 63 stocks at least Anja Rubik, Cire Trudon, Heeley, Diptyque, Serge Lutens, Fueguia 1833, MALIN+GOETZ, A Lab on Fire, The Different Company.
    By the way, websites of Yosh and Miller Harris list some mythical Galilu' branch at Krakowskie Przedmiescie 13 (at Europejski hotel), even if this address is not given at the store's homepage.
    So please check it out by yourself.

  • Ul Bracka 9

    Brands: Absolument, Alexandre.J, Acca Kappa, Ann Gerard, Acqua di Portofino, Antonio Alessandria, Arte Profumi, Atelier Cologne, Bois 1920, Bond No 9, Baruti, Blend Oud, Blue Pollack, Carner Barcelona, CnR Create, Costume National, Designer Shaik, d'Orsay Paris, Esteban Paris, Egofacto, Escentric Molecules, Frapin, Fifi Chachnil, Gentlemen`s Tonic, Hugh Parsons, Hayari, Histories de Parfums, Ineke, Initio, Juliette has a Gun, Jardin de France, La Collina Toscana, Lubin, Lengling, Mark Buxton, Moresque, Menditorrosa, Molinard, Masque, Neotantric Fragrances, NOBILE 1942, Olfattology, Panama 1924, Parfums de Marly, Pineider, Profumi di Pantelleria, Patyka, Paul Emilien, Ramon Bejar, Rose & Co Manchester, Simimi, Simone Cosac, Serge Lutens, Terry de Gunzburg, The Different Company, The Vagabond Prince, Tiziana Terenzi, Teo Cabanel, Uermi, V Canto, ZarkoPerfume.

    Mood Scent Bar / Perfumeria Niszowa
  • ul. Tamka 33

    Brands: 10 Corso Como, Andree Putman, A LAB ON FIRE, BDK PARFUMS PARIS, BORIS BIDJAN SABERI, COUTO, COMME des GARÇONS, D.S. & DURGA, DEAR ROSE, Etat Libre d'Orange, Frapin, Féret Parfumeur, FORNASETTI PROFUMI, GRI GRI, Humiecki & Graef, HELMUT LANG, Irie, Jardins D'Écrivains, LM PARFUMS, LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES, LES COCOTTES DE PARIS, MariaLux, MONA DI ORIO, MAP OF THE HEART, MENDITTOROSA, Nasomatto, Naomi Goodsir, NISHANE, ORTO PARISI, PAPILLON PERFUMERY, Pour Toujours, Parfums Quartana, Pierre Guillaume Croisiere Collection, RUBINI, ROOM 1015, Rundholz Parfums, ROBERT PIGUET, Sauf, SANTA EULALIA, SERGE LUTENS, Six Scents*, Tom Daxon, Thirdman, ULRICH LANG, Unum.

    The newly opened branch at Bracka 3 stocks at least Dear Rose, Liquides Imaginaires, MONA DI ORIO, MAP OF THE HEART.

    Galeria Niuans
  • Aleja Wincentego Witosa 31 (mall Panorama)

    Brands: Cire Trudon, Esteban.

    Sen Nocy Letniej Also at Facebook.
  • Oleandrow 5

    Brands: Agonist, Etat Libre d'Orange**, Histoires de Parfums, Herve Gambs, Mendittorosa, Roads.

  • Aleja Jana Pawla II 82 (C.H. Arcadia)
  • ul. Zlota 59 (C.H. Zlote Tarasy)
  • ul. Woloska 12 (C.H. Galeria Mokotow)

    Brands: at least Armani Prive, Robert Piguet, Jo Malone (@Arcadia), Serge Lutens, Tom Ford Private Blend, The Different Company (@Arcadia).

    Closed Stores

  • Secret Life of things (Polna 18/20)

    *According to the homepage of the brand.
    **According to the homepage of the store.
    ***According to Nie Muzyczna Pieciolinia.

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