About Me

I am blogger and translator currently based in Germany. My interest and love for perfumes has begun more than 10 years ago; that was also the time, when my first – Russian-speaking – blog has gone online. All these years I’ve explored this wonderful world of perfumery. And this journey still continues, since the world of fragrances gets bigger and more fascinating with every day I learn more.

My biggest interest is devoted to the niche perfumery. I’m just fascinated by the incredible diversity displayed by the world of niche. Being loyal to my old favorites, still I’m always opened for new brands and perspectives.

My biggest love and respect refers to Frederic Malle, Francesca dell’Oro, Parfumerie Generale and The Fragrance Kitchen.

Being born and raised up in Russia, I feel more comfortable in Russian language when it comes to analyzing and reviewing different fragrances.

Thereupon feel free to explore my perfume reviews on the Russian-speaking version of this blog.

You can also join me on my Instagram, where all of my perfume reviews are published first. Additionally I report about different events I’ve been taking part on etc.

In turn the English version of Your Perfume Guide is all about the data.

=>It helps you to arrange your trips and travels when it comes to perfume shopping in different places all over the world. This website includes more than 200 cities/regions with excessive list of brand stores and perfumeries (latter most with the list of the brands sold at particular store) Every section is provied with Google’ map.

=>It helps you to search for fragrance by specified dominating note, which makes it easier to select a perfume according to someone’s preference.



This blog/data bank has moved from Blogspot by the end of June 2016.

The statistics includes the data both from Russian and English’ versions.

(as by 20.08.2017)
(as by 20.08.2017)