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Last Revision: 07.04.2023
Last Full Check: 04.01.2023

Brand Stores


    Chanel Les Exclusifs.

  • 11111 NE 8th St / Bellevue

    Hermessence' line.

    Le Labo
  • 921 E Pine Street

  • 2814 E Madison St

    Besides the store stocks Cire Trudon.


  • 1005 1st Ave (Alexis Hotel)

    Brands: Annick Goutal Paris, Abaton, Alfred Sung, Amouage, Amouroud, Asgharali, BDK Parfums, Caron, Casamorati, Caswell-Massey**, Christian Provenzano, Clive Christian, Creed, Dorin**, DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE*, Electimuss London, Giardino Benessere, Houbigant, Initio Parfums Prives, Jean Patou, Jean Charles Brosseau, Jeroboam*, Jean Desprez, Jean Patou, Memo Paris, Navitus Parfums, Nishane Istanbul, Parfums Nicolai*, Parfums de Marly, Perris Monte Carlo, Ramon Monegal, Robert Piguet, Roja Dove, Royall Fragrances, Sama, Sandalia Luxury*, Shalini, The Harmonist, Tiziana Terenzi, Volnay*, Xerjoff.

    Besides the store deals with rare and discontinued fragrances.

    Also on Instagram.

  • 615 N 35th Street

    Brands: Andre Putman***, Astier de Villatte, Antica Farmacista, Acca Kappa, Andrea Maack, Bastide, Coqui Coqui**, Cire Trudon, Carner Barcelona**, Caswell&Massey, Capsule Parfums*, Carthusia, Demeter the Library of Fragrances*, Diptyque**, Escentric Molecules, Eight & Bob, Frank Los Angeles, Fiele Fragrances*, Goldfield&Banks, I profumi di firenze, Kai, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Ligne St Barth, La Compagnie de Provence, LAFCO, MariaLux, Molton Brown, Maria Christofilis, Miller et Bertaux, Naomi Goodsir, Nasomatto, Serge Lutens, Stora Skuggan**, Saguara, Santa Maria Novella.

    There also used to be Aftelier, Aroma M, Abahna, AQUIESSE, Agonist, Bois 1920, Claus Porto, Cote Bastide, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, D.R.Harris, Esteban, E.Coudray, Frapin, Fresh**, House of Matriarch, John Derien, Litoralle Aromatica, Nomad Two Worlds, Parfums DelRae, Red Flower, Raw Spirit Fragrances, Rodin, Saipua, Tocca, Ulrich Lang, Woodsorrel.

    House of Vartan
  • 325 NE Thornton Pl

    Brands: Acqua di Parma, EAU D'ITALIE, FILIGREE NATURAL PERFUMES, IMAGINARY AUTHORS, Jul et Mad, Malie Organics.

  • 1523, 10th Avenue

    Brands: at least 19-69 Nineteen Sixty Nine Parfums, Wiener Blut.

  • 5208 Ballard Ave NW

    Brands: Boy Smells, Blackbird, Dasein Fragrances*, Fiele Fragrances, Francesca Bianchi, Hedonik, Olo Fragrances, PARFUM QUARTANA*, Stora Skuggan.
    There also used to be Hilde Soliani, IMAGINARY AUTHORS.

    Watson Kennedy
  • 1022 First Ave.

    Brands: Agraria*, Antica Farmacista, Bon Parfumeur, Cire Trudon, Caswell Massey, Dr Vranjes, Diptyque**, ElizabethW, Fresh**, Geodesis, Lothantique, Le Companie de Provence, Molton Brown, MALIN+GOETZ, Maison Louis Marie.

    There's also another store, which is located at 86 Pine Street; some brands might also be sold there (f.e. E.Coudray, Fresh, MALIN+GOETZ, Seda France).

    Orcas Paley
  • 600 Pine St (Pacific Place)

    Brands: Bruno Fazzolari (Fzotic), ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE, Histoires de Parfums, Kerzon.

  • 500 Pine Street
  • Bellevue (100 Bellevue Square)

    Brands: Aerin, Armani Prive, Acqua di Parma, Aesop, AMOUAGE, Atelier Cologne, Antica Farmacista, By Kilian, Boy Smells, Baxter of California, Baobab Collection, Bon Parfumeur, BYREDO, C.O. Bigelow, Chantecaille, CHRIS COLLINS, Christian Louboutin, Cire Trudon, Comme des Garçons Parfums, Creed, Chloe L’Atelier des Fleurs, Diptyque, D.S. & Durga, Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Collection, Fornasetti, FREDERIC MALLE, Fresh, Guerlain exclusives, Gucci Exclusives (The Alchemist Garden), Heretic, Houbigant Paris, Jo Malone London, Kai, Kiehl's Since 1851, Laura Mercier, Le Labo, Laboratory Perfumes, MAISON BALZAC, MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN PARIS, Maison Martin Margiela, MALIN+GOETZ, Maison Lancome exclusives, MOLTON BROWN London, NEST Fragrances, Parfums de Marly, PENHALIGON'S, Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Creations, TOCCA, Trish McEvoy, TOM FORD Private Blend, Thierry MUGLER Les Exceptions, Voluspa, VOTIVO.

    The list is common to all branches in the U.S. There's a store finder on every page of a particular product, showing, whether the product is stocked at 'your' store. 
    Don't forget to switch the country to the U.S (store finder' function is only available for the US' page) and be sure to search for some products using the Search' window - unfortunately, not all of the above-named brands are listed under the 'brands' section.
    Additionally the store in Seattle stocks Chanel Exclusifs.

  • 415 Pine Street
  • 148 BELLEVUE SQ / Bellevue

    Brands: 19-69 Nineteen Sixty Nine Parfums, Acqua Di Parma, AERIN, Atelier Cologne, By Kilian, Bon Parfumeur, Boy Smells, CLEAN, Commodity, Comme des Garcons*, Christian Louboutin, Chris Collins, Ellis Brooklyn, Eight & Bob, Fresh, Givenchy exclusives (Givenchy L'Atelier), Heretic Parfums, Jo Malone London, Juliette Has a Gun, Kiehl's Since 1851, Laura Mercier, Maison Louis Marie, MAISON Martin MARGIELA, NEST Fragrances, Parfums BERDOUES, Rosebud Perfume Co, TOCCA, TOM FORD Private Blend, VOLUSPA, The 7 Virtues.

    The list is common to all branches in the U.S. There's a store finder on every page of a particular product, showing, whether the product is stocked at 'your' store. 
    Don't forget to switch the country to the U.S (store finder' function is only available for the US' page).

    Neiman Marcus
  • 11111 NE 8th St. / Bellevue

    Brands: at least Acqua di Parma, Aerin, CREED, Jo Malone, Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

  • 2520 NE University Vlg St

    Brands: Abel Odor Parfums, Bastide, Calypso St. Barth, Child Perfume, Coqui Coqui, Claus Porto, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Costa Brazil, Ellis Brooklyn, Imaginary Authors, Juliette Has A Gun, Kai, Lollia, Laboratory Perfumes, Maison Matine, Memo Paris, Miller Harris, Nest Fragrances, Outremer, Philosophy, Sana Jardin, Tocca, Voluspa, Vilhelm Parfumerie, who is elijah.

    The list is common to all branches in the U.S. There's a store finder on every page of a particular product, showing, whether the product is stocked at 'your' store.

  • 4908 Rainer Ave. south

    Brands: TokyoMilk, Voluspa.

    Burnt Sugar
  • 601 N 35TH ST

    Brands: Blackbird, Jonathan Adler, Lollia.

  • 1525 Melrose Ave

    Brands: Blackbird, D.S&Durga.

    Baby & Company
  • 1936 1st Avenue

    Brands: Fiele Fragrances.

    Show Pony
  • 702 N. 35th Street

    Brands: Olivine Atelier.

  • 3314 E. Spring St.

    Brands: mcmc fragrances.

  • 1901 1st Avenue

    Brands: Apothia.

    Retail Therapy
  • 905 E PIKE

    Brands: TokyoMilk.

    Hedge & Vine
  • 10000 Main St Suite 102, Bellevue

    Brands: Lollia, Laboratorio Olfattivo.

  • 5515 Airport Way South

    Brands: West Third Brand.

  • 814 East Roy Street

    Brands: mcmc fragrances.

    Closed Stores

  • Barney's (600 Pine Street)
  • Butch Blum (1332 6th Avenue)
  • Knows Perfume (4536 California Ave); no longer waa bricks and mortar store.
  • La Creme Beauty (2612 NE 55th St)
  • charley + may (2225 Queen Anne Ave N)
  • Romanza Gifts & Home Decor (2206 NW Market St.)
  • The Art of Shaving (600 Pine Street St; 138 BELLEVUE SQUARE / Bellevue)

    *According to the homepage of the brand.
    **According to the homepage of the store.
    ***According to Basenotes

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