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New places for Italian east coast: San Nicola Officina was recently opened in Bari. Since the store is just few days old, there’s no complete list of brands, which are to be stocked in the perfumery. For sure are Aedes, Cire Trudon, Mona di Orio and Parfumerie Generale.

As reports, there’re most probably all of the Kaon’ brands, presented in the perfumery. These are:
Andy Tauer, Huitieme Art, Jacques Zolty, Jul et Mad, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Miller et Bertaux, Neela Vermeire, Olivier Durbano, Phaedon, as well as Abahna, Fragonard, Herve Gambs, Linari, Pecksniff’s

The store is located at VIA DANTE 120.

Check out San Nicola’s official page as well as Facebook page for more information to come.

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