Krakow' Shopping Guide at Google Maps.

Last Revision: 29.05.2019
Last Full Check: 29.05.2019


  • ul. Jozefa 22

    Brands: ACQUA DI PARMA, Baxter of California, BeauFort London, BLACKBIRD, BLOOD Concept, Comme des Garcons (incl. CdG series), Couto, D.S & Durga, D.R. HARRIS, ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE, Escentric Molecules, Geo F Trumper, Ginestet, HAYARI, IMAGINARY AUTHORS, JUNIPER RIDGE, KEROSENE FRAGRANCES, LM Parfums, MariaLux, Menditorrosa*, Nasomatto, NAOMI GOODSIR, ORTO PARISI, OLYMPIC ORCHIDS, PIOTR CZARNECKI, Robert Piguet, Ramon Molvizar, Serge Lutens, SLUMBERHOUSE, The Different Company, TOM DAXON, Truefitt & Hill, ZOOLOGIST, Zero Molecule*.

    Perfumeria Tigerandbear
  • ul. Szpitalna 34

    Brands: AETHER, Amouage, Amouroud, Atelier des Ors, Aromatherapy Associates, Carner, Creed, Eight&Bob, FRANCK BOCLET, Gabriella Chieffo, Houbigant, HERVE GAMBS, Honore des Pres, House of Sillage, Jean Patou, Jovoy, J. LESQUENDIEU, Lubin**, LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE, MILLER ET BERTAUX, Majda Bekkali, Memo, Montale**, NEELA VERMEIRE, Olivier Durbano, Olfactive Studio, Parfums d'Empire, Parfums Micallef, PROFVMVM ROMA, Perris Monte Carlo, Parfums NICOLAI, Ramon Molvizar, SANDALIA, Sospiro, STEPHANE HUMBERT LUCAS - 777, The Merchant of Venice, TOM FORD Private Blend, Widian by Aj Arabia, Xerjoff.

  • Slawkowska 16

    Brands: at least Abel, Anja Rubik, Aether, Diptyque, Diana Vreeland, Essential Parfums, Frederic Malle, Floris, Gallivant, Heeley, Mona di Orio, Oliver&Co, Phaedon, Serge Lutens, The Different Company, UNE NUIT NOMADE.
    However, most probably the Krakow store offers nearly all of the brands from their main store in Warsaw. For the complete list see

  • Ul. Św. Gertrudy 23

    Brands: Extrait d'Atelier, Eternel Gentleman, Histoires de Parfums, JUS Parfums, Liquides Imaginaires, Map of the Heart, Naso di Raza, Nishane, Olfactive Studio, Perfume Sucks, Santi Burgas.

    Vinicio Pajaro Salon Mody
  • Rynek Glowny 13

    Brands: Amouage.

  • Galeria Krakowska (Ul. Pawia 5)

    Brands: Armani Prive, BOHOBOCO Perfume, Boucheron exclusives, By Kilian, Jo Malone, Millefiori Milano, Robert Piguet, Serge Lutens, Tom Ford Private Blend, Van Cleef&Arpels Collection Extraordinaire. The list is common to all branches in Poland. There's a store finder on every page of a particular product, showing, whether the product is stocked at 'your' store.

    Galeria Niuans
  • Rynek Glowny 39

    Brands: Cire Trudon.

    *According to the homepage of the brand.
    **According to the homepage of the store.

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