Perfumes by Note: Hazel

Perfumes with dominating note of hazel.

Mainstream Brands

  • L'Erbolario: All'Olio di Argan
  • Trussardi: Passeggiata In Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

    Niche Brands

  • Akro: Dark
  • Baruti: Perverso
  • Coquillete: Joal
  • Carthusia: Terra Mia
  • Hermetica: Sandalsun
  • L'Artisan: Bois Farine; Mechant Loup
  • Masque Milano: Madeleine
  • Sinfonia di Note: Coeur de Noisette
  • Pierre Guillaume Parfumerie Generale: Aomassai
  • Zoologist: Chipmunk

    Photos by Brian E Kushner

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