Perfumes by Note: Ginger

Perfumes with dominating note of ginger.

Mainstream Brands

  • 4711 Acqua Colognia: Lemon & Ginger
  • Alexander McQueen: Kingdom
  • Angel Schlesser: Esprit de Gingembre
  • Bulgari: BLV; Tygar
  • By Bobo: Dinner
  • Gucci: Envy for Men
  • Jardin de France: Eau de Cologne 1920: Gingembre
  • Krizia: My Africa
  • KenzoKI: Eau de Gingembre
  • Lush: Ginger
  • L'Erbolario: Vanilla & Ginger
  • Lothantique: Gingembre
  • Max Mara: Max Mara (at the beginning)
  • Origins: ginger line.
  • Roger&Gallet: Eau de Gingembre
  • The Bodyshop: Zanzibar

    Niche Brands

  • Affinessence: Gingembre Latte
  • Annick Goutal: Le Jasmin***
  • BeauFort London: Lignum Vitae (ginger cookies)
  • Caron: Eau de Reglisse
  • CB I Hate Perfume: Gingerbread absolute
  • Demeter: Fresh Ginger; Gingerbread; Ginger Cookie; Ginger Sushi
  • Escentric Molecules: Molecule 01 + Ginger
  • Goldfield & Banks Australia: Ingenious Ginger
  • Heeley Parfums: Zeste de Gingembre
  • Il Profvmo: Ginger Osmo
  • Illuminum: Ginger Pear
  • Jo Malone: Nutmeg&Ginger, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily; Ginger Biscuit
  • Juliette Has A Gun: Moscow Mule
  • J.U.S Parfums: Gingerlise
  • L'artisan: Tea for Two
  • Mizensir: Eau de Gingembre
  • Molinard: Gingembre
  • Montale: Ginger Musk***
  • Nishane Chinese Ginger & Cinnamon
  • Nose Republic: Queer de Russie
  • Oliver&Co: Gincense
  • Onyrico: Artimitia (засахаренный имбирь)
  • Pierre Guillaume Parfumerie Generale: Un Crime Exotique
  • Susanne Lang: Red Ginger
  • Serge Lutens: Five O’ Clock Au Gingembre
  • Sospiro Perfumes: Vibrato
  • Yosh: Ginger Ciao

    ***Not dominating

    Photos by Red Snapper9

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