City Shopping Guide: Airports

City shopping guides for niche perfumery in different airports all over the world.

Disclaimer: Collecting of information occurs in the following way: I analyse the data given at the homepages of the brands and stores and put them together to the list.
In case, these informations are not complete, I search further information at native and international perfume forums (such as Basenotes, Fragrantica etc)
Not rarely these informations are inconsistent with each other. In such case I usually quote the sources where data were found. As I know from experience, brands' websites constantly have informations out of date, so please be aware of it.

I DO NOT warrant the correctness of all the found information. They can be out of date. They can be wrong.
I give my best to keep the data up-to-date. However since the volume of this blog goes up, I do not have the ability to renew the data fast and regular enough. Therefore I am thankful for any kind of updates, corrections or modifications on the part of the readers. You can use the comment' function or my e-mail.
Accordingly all the information will be immediately added to the list. You're more than welcome to copy and to share these informations on your blog/website; however I kindly ask you to provide your copied text/compilation with an active link to my blog. Thank you in advance.

  • Niche Perfumery in the Airports
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