Shopping Guide for Brugge at Google Maps

Last Revision: 15.05.2024
Last Full Check: 21.03.2024


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  • Korte Zilverstraat 8

    Brands: ArtLandi, Acca Kappa, Atelier des Ors, Argos Parfums, Attar Collection, Clive Christian, Etat libre d'orange, Goldfield & Banks, Gravel, Giardini di Toscana, Juliette has a Gun, Liquides Imaginaires, Maison Tahite, Mancera, Montale, Nobile 1942, New Notes**, Orens Parfums, Parfums de Marly, Rosendo Mateu, Stephane Humbert Lucas, Tiziana Terenzi, The House of Oud, Xerjoff (Casamorati).


    Brands: 2787 Parfums, Atelier Rebul, Beso Beach, Escentric Molecules, Montale, Philly&Phill, Voluspa.

    Gare de Robe
  • Leopold II Laan 47a

    Brands: Juliette has a Gun, Olfactive Studio.

  • Zuidzandstraat 40

    Brands: at least Jo Malone.

    La casa del Habano
  • Vlamingstraat 9

    Brands: Floris.

    MUNT Interior Life
  • Hoog-Brabantlaan 2

    Brands: Parco 1923.

  • Noordzandstraat 32

    Brands: Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Meo Fusciuni.

    Hotel Van Cleef
  • Molenmeers 11

    Brands: Rose Desgranges.

  • Gistelsesteenweg 12-28

    Brands: Acqua di Parma, Baobab Collection.

    De Vier Seizoenen
  • Generaal Lemanlaan 172

    Brands: Linari.

  • Ezelstraat 33

    Brands: Baobab Collection.

    *According to the homepage of the brand.
    **According to the homepage of the store.
    ***According to distributor.

  • 2 thoughts on “

    1. Dave Ruysschaert says:

      Dear Daria,

      Thank you for the post about our shop. I just wanted to ask you to change some things:

      The name of the shop has been changed to 'Cartistique by econcept', as we work more and more on handicrafts, on creative things and we offer a platform to starting artists to sell their products in our shop.
      We still have the 'Agraria'-collection, but it is not on the website.
      The address has been changed since a year to:

      Cartistique by econcept
      Oude Burg 30
      8000 Brugge

      We're still in the centre of Bruges, but we are bigger, better and cooler 🙂

      Have a nice day!!



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