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Last Revision: 19.06.2023
Last Full Check: 27.04.2023

Brand Stores

  • Passeig de Gracia 70

    Chanel Les Exclusifs.

    Carner Barcelona
  • Carrer de la Diputació 266, Shop 2

  • Paseo de Gracia, 82

    Cartier Les Heures de Parfum.

     Etro Profumi
  • Avenida Pau Casals 4

  • Passeig de Gracia 77

    Hermessence' line.

    Jo Malone
  • C/Rambla de Cataluna 77

    Ramon Monegal
  • Calvet, 3

    Santa Maria Novella
  • Carrer de l'Espaseria, 4-8. Metro Station - Jaume I, Barceloneta.


    The Perfumery Also on Instagram.
  • C/Sant Pere Mes Alt 58

    Brands: Acqua di Biella, Aedes de Venustas, Agua de Surf, Bruno Acampora, Beaufort London, Coreterno, Calaj Perfumes, Daniel Josier, DL Roelen, Der Duft, Eutopie*, Equality Fragrances, Fort & Manle*, Filippo Sorcinelli (UNUM), Giovanna Antonelli Parfums, Hermetica, History in Drops, Imaginary Authors, Iruela Fine Fragrances, JF Schwarzlose, Miguel Matos, MiN NEW YORK, Nomenclature, OJAR Parfums, OmanLuxury, Pekji, Ponsa Barcelona Parfums, Pernoire Parfums, Ramon Bejar, Renier Perfumes, Rubini, Sarah Baker, Signature Fragrances London, Widian Aj Arabia, Wesker Parfums, Zoologist Perfumes.

    Besides the store also offers courses and workshops on the various aspects of the perfume world.
    Our goal is not only to be a niche-boutique perfumery offering signature perfumes and its own elaboration but also to offer training on the various aspects of the perfume world. For this purpose, we have set up our “workshop school” in a new space located in the same establishment. The courses will be led by great national and international perfumers.

    Perfumeria Regia
    Article about the shop at Now Smell This

    There're several Regia' stores across Barcelona, the flagship store is located at Passeig de Gracia 39 (Metro Station Passeig De Gracia)
    Brands: ACQUA DI PARMA, Amouage, Alexandre J*, ANNICK GOUTAL, Acqua di Genova, ART LANDI, Beso Beach, Boadicea the Victorious, By Kilian, BYREDO, Carner Barcelona, CLIVE CHRISTIAN, CREED, Diptyque, Eight&Bob, Escentric Molecules, Frederic Malle, FLORIS*, Genyum, Heeley, HOUBIGANT, Initio, Jeroboam, Juliette Has a Gun, Korloff, Lubin, Lorenzo Villoresi, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Maison Tahite, MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS, Mancera, Map of the Heart*, Memo Paris, Montale, Moresque, Nasomatto, OLIBERE Parfums*, ORTO PARISI, Parfums de Marly, PENHALIGON'S, Perris Monte Carlo, Ramon Monegal, Rosendo Mateu, ROBERT PIGUET, Roja Parfums, Santi Burgas, SERGE LUTENS, SoOud, Somens Parfums, The Beautiful Mind, TOM FORD Private Blend, Thameen, The House of Oud*, Xerjoff.

    There's a small Museo del Perfume (all about perfume bottles), which is at one building with the perfumery.

    Santa Eulalia
  • Passeig de Gracia, 93. Metro Station - Diagonal.

    Brands: Abel Odor Parfums**, Beso Beach, Byredo, Clive Christian, Comporta Parfums, Cire Trudon*, Eight&Bob, Genyum, Hierbas de Ibiza**, Initio Parfums Privee, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Maison FRANCIS KURKDJIAN, Maison Crivelli, Matiere Premiere, Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, Parfums de Marly, Santa Eulalia, True Grace, Via dei Mille etc.

    There also used to be Linari, MariaLux, Mizensir, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier**, Profumi del Forte, Roads, Tom Ford Private Blend.

    Les Topettes Also on Instagram.
  • C/Joaquin Costa, 33

    Brands: Andy Tauer, borntostandout Parfums, Bravanariz, Brecourt, Diptyque, Etat Libre d'Orange, Essential Parfums, Escentric Molecules, Erik Kormann, Francesca Bianchi, Gri Gri, Genyum*, Heeley, Hierbas de Ibiza, Histoires de Parfums, Jardins d'Ecrivains, La Maison des Vanille, Lorenzo Villoresi, MALIN+GOETZ, Mancera, MB Parfums, Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, Papillon Artisan Perfumes*, Santi Burgas*.

    There also used to be Agua de Surf, Juniper Ridge, Lubin**, Laboratory Parfums, Robert Piguet, Tokyomilk.

    La Comercial
  • Carrer del Rec, 52 (Metro Station Barceloneta)

    Brands: 2787 Parfums, Acqua di Genova, Acqua di Parma, Aesop, Astier de Villatte, Annick Goutal, Beso Beach, Boadicea The Victorious, Carner Barcelona, Cire Trudon, Comme des Garcons, Cousu de Fils Blanc*, DIANE PERNET, Eight & Bob, Escentric Molecules, Etro, Fornasetti, Goti, Histoires de Parfums*, Hervé Gambs, Juliette has a Gun, Jeroboam, John Derien, Korloff Paris, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Lorenzo Villoresi, Les Nereides, Liquides Imaginaires, Meo Fusciuni, Map of the Heart, Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, Ramon Monegal, Re Profumo, Rundholz Parfums, Santi Burgas* etc

    Note: La Comercial is divided into several shops, which are however very close by each other: Carrer del Rec, 52, Carrer del Rec, 73 and Carrer Bonaire, 7. The list of brands is common to all three shops.

    Niches Perfumes Also on Facebook.
  • Marina 19-21 (Hotel Arts)

    Brands: at least Atelier des Ors, Amouroud, Anfas, BOADICEA THE VICTORIOUS, Blend Oud, Christian Provenzano, DALI HAUTE PARFUMERIE, FRAGRANCE DU BOIS, KAJAL PERFUMES PARIS, Masque Milano, Moresque, Orens Parfums, Parfums Micallef, Rubeus Milano, Spirit of Kings, Stephane Humbert Lucas, STEFANO RICCI, The Gate, THE HOUSE OF OUD THOO, V-Canto, XERJOFF.

    El Corte Ingles

    Again - several ECI' stores across Barcelona. The biggest one is located at Placa Catalunya, 14 (Metro Station Passeig de Gracia). At least Amouage**, Acqua di Parma, Annick Goutal, Chloe Atelier des Fleurs**, Chanel les Exclusifs, Comme des Garcons, Carner Barcelona, Eight&Bob, Esteban, Initio Privee Parfums, Jeroboam, Juliette has a Gun, Jo Malone, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Olibere Parfums, Perris Monte Carlo, Parfums de Marly, Serge Lutens, The Merchant of Venice are sold there.
    The branch at Avenida Diagonal 617 (Metro Station Maria Cristina) sells at least Amouage, Alexandre J, Acqua di Parma, By Kilian, Chloé Atelier des Fleurs**, Comporta Perfumes, Carner, Chanel les Exclusifs, Creed, Comme des Garcons, Clive Christian*, Diana Vreeland, Dr Vranjes, Diptyque, Esteban, Escentric Molecules, Eight&Bob, Frederic Malle, Floris, Histoires des Parfums, Juliette has a Gun, Jeroboam, Jo Malone, Le Labo, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Parfums d'Orsay, Parfums de Marly, Serge Lutens, Tiziana Terenzi.
    Part of the fragrances are sold at Isolee' corner.

    Additionally Hermes' corner was recently opened at ECI. In theory, the Hermessence' line can be sold here as well.

    All Yours
  • C. del Consell de Cent 308

    Brands: Abel Odor Parfums, Bastille, Bon Parfumeur, Bravanariz, borntostandout Parfums, Floratropia, Hunq, Jorum Studio, Maison Matine, Versatile Paris.

    JC Apotecari
  • Major de Sarria 96 (Metro Station Maria Cristina)

    Brands: 27 87 Perfumes, Abel, Aesop, Astier de Villatte, Byredo, Cire Trudon, Diptyque, Escentric Molecules, Hierbas de Ibiza, In Fiore, Maison Crivelli, Malin+Goetz, Matiere Premiere, Nasomatto, The Beautiful Mind, Tata Harper, The Laundress.

  • Marià Aguiló 83

    Brands: Ainea Perfums, Bravanariz, Etat Libre d'Orange**, Floris*, Hierbas de Ibiza, Jimmy Boyd, Parfums Berdoues, Ramon Monegal, Santi Burgas, Toni Cabal.

    There also used to be Crabtree&Evelyn, Castle Forbes, Claus Porto, Honore des Pres, Melvita, Musgo Real.

    The Vanity
    Also on Instagram.

  • Marina 19-21 (Hotel Arts)

    Brands: if still opened - at least Amouage, A Lab on Fire, Agonist, Atelier Flou, ANDREE PUTMAN, Beaufort, Boadicea the Victorious, Casamorati 1888, CHOPARD GARDENS OF PARADISE, Clive Christian, David Jourquin, Hugh Parsons, Isabey, JACQUES FATH (FATH’S ESSENTIALS COLLECTION), JTC Join the Club, Jul et Mad**, LM Parfums LAURENT MAZZONE, Les Parfums de Rosine, Puredistance, Panouge, Re Profumo, Ramon Molvizar, Roads, SoOud, Sue Wong, Santa Eulalia, Toni Cabal, The Fragrance Kitchen, Xerjoff.

    There also used to be 777 Stephane Humbert Lucas, Acqua di Stresa, Accendis, Azagury, Juliette has a Gun**, Lubin**, Poiray, Sospiro.

    Perfumeria Primor
  • C/Pelayo 10

    Brands: Melvita, Premiere Note.

    w hotels
  • Placa de la Rosa dels Vents, 1 Final Passeig de Joan de Borbo (at W Hotel)

    Brands: 2787 Parfums, Liquides Imaginaires, Ramon Molvizar, Santi Burgas.
    Part of the fragrances is sold at La Comercial' branch.

    Boto and Co
  • C/Bonavista 3

    Brands: Evody.

  • Av. Diagonal 557

    Brands: Annick Goutal, Acqua di Parma, Alex Simone, Comme des Garcons, Carthusia, Juliette has a Gun, Montale, Nishane Istanbul.


    Brands: Bon Parfumeur, Maison Matine.

  • Paseo de Gracia 37

    Brands: 100Bon, Annick Goutal, Acqua di Parma, Aesop, Baxter of California, BAOBAB COLLECTION, Comme des Garcons, Fresh, JULIETTE HAS A GUN, Maison Martin Margiela, Obvious Parfums, The 7 Virtues.

    The list is common to all branches in Spain. There's a store finder on every page of a particular product, showing, whether the product is stocked at 'your' store.

  • Calle L' Espariteria 15

    Brands: Ohtop Parfums.

  • C/CÒRSEGA 276-282

    Brands: at least 1969 Parfums, Cire Trudon, Dr Vranjes.

    Dame Bobine
  • Carrer de les Semoleres, 12

    Brands: Ortigia.

    Elena Torrens
  • C/ Provenza 274

    Brands: Carrement Belle.

    51 Concept Store
  • Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 51

    Brands: Salle Privée.

    Bel y Cia
  • 20 Paseo de Gracia

    Brands: D.R. Harris.

  • Calle Ferran Agulló, 16

    Brands: Baobab Collection.

    Perfumeria Lider
  • Calle Sant Pere Mes Baix, 44

    Brands: Crabtree&Evelyn.

  • Erboristerias with L'Erbolario' production (More HERE):

  • Maria Casas

  • HIPERSALUD (Mayteva Natura)
    Carrer ARIBAU 146


  • El Prat Airport: Acqua di Parma, Etro (@ Etro boutique (T1) ), Jo Malone.

    Closed Stores

  • Beardsley (C/ Petritxol, 12)
  • Hermes at Avenue Pau Casals 13
  • Derivee at Johann Sebastian Bach 4
  • Vincon (Passeig de Gràcia, 96)
  • La Basilica (Sant Sever 7, Passeig de Gràcia, 26, and then C/ de la Palla 35
  • Parsimonia (C/ La Forja 89)
  • The Cosmeticoh (Calle Valencia, 226)

    *According to the homepage of the brand.
    **According to the homepage of the store.
    ***According to distributor.
    ****According to Basenotes.

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      * La Basilica Galeria (C/ de la Palla 35)
      * L’essence (C/Sant Miquel 42, Badalona)

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