Perfumes by Note: Ananas

Perfumes with dominating note of ananas.

Mainstream Brands

  • Bath & Body Works’ Fresh Pineapple*
  • Jean Patou: Colony

    Niche Brands

  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique: Vanille Pineapple
  • Creed: Aventus
  • Etat Libre d'Orange: Josephine Baker
  • Ex Vinis: Ananas Sativa
  • Frederic Malle: Music for a While (with lavender)
  • Illuminum: Tahitian Yuzu
  • L'Artisan: Ananas Fizz
  • Le Re Noir: PLVN
  • Nishane: Hacivat
  • Parfums MDCI: Le Rivage de Syrtes
  • Syed Junaid Alam: Maila

    *Fragrance discontinued. Search for remains at single stores/online auctions/internet stores.

    Photos by anjens

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